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Small Business SEO Tips – SEO Capo

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What Does a Perfect Project Management Software Needs?

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How To Manage A Failure?

Every leader should know how to manage a failure:

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Best Instant Messenger Client

Ok, so my laptop crashed a couple days ago and wiped all the data and had a clean OS installed, and when it came up to what Instant Messenger(IM) to use I had doubts, so I did a little research, maybe it will help someone:

  •   Digsby – this a relatively young IM app, but it is really cool, and it has a lot features like integration with all the major IM services (i am not gonna mention them all here, you know them anyway), email notifications, social networking (Favebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn), customizable appearance and notifications, one more really cool feature that I liked is that it offers synchronization between PCs and installations, and of course the ability to place a widget on your blog or website is really cool and useful.
  •   Pidgin – cross platform, open source available for Windows and Linux IM. Actively supported and developed by users. As well pidgin is extensible, so this is a real gem who loves their IM super customized with all kinds of plug-ins. But it gets some bad points due to bugs and developer quarrels.
  •   Miranda IM – my favorite   up until recently. Miranda is really resource efficient, so if you have a slower PC this definitely the best IM to go with. Additionally, with the choice of hundreds of plugins, icons, sounds and other content, Miranda IM gives you the ability to modify, customize and extend functionality to make it your own.
  •   Trillian – if you would have asked three years ago, there wouldn’t have been any competition, but in the recent years Trillian has lost a lot of users because the new development of Trillian Astra has taken too long and just recently they released a beta version. Non the less it is still promising and they promised a MAC and iPhone releases as well, just keeps me wondering how long it will take them :).


Some other IM clients that I looked at but didn’t include to the post where Meebo, Adium (probably the best IM for MAC OS X ), eBuddy. So and which one did choose at the end of the day? Miranda IM is still my favorite :)) What is your favorite IM client?

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Project Management Links (December 3)

I’ve been for a small vacation, so I thought i’ll post a small list of links of what happened interesting during that time:

  • Vertabase project management software launches v 4.5, source
  • Wikis that work: Four IT departments get it right, source
  • Lessons learned for project management, source
  • Extreme Toyota’s Lesson for American Auto
  • Crisis Management in Action, source
  • Measuring Productivity Metrics With Programmer, source
  • New Deloitte Aerospace & Defense Study finds Root Causes for Program Cost Overruns in USA, source
  • Six Sigma: Myths and Realities, source


So much for today, keep tuned!

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Become Comindwork Affiliate And Earn 50% of The First User Payment

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Knowledge Management Software

Today while doing a keyword research for project management software, decided to go into a new area – knowledge management. I am working a lot with internet marketing and SEO, so I got used to check the competition in one area or another by the amounts and prices of advertising in that particular area. And i was actually surprised that competition is so low keywords like knowledge management tools, knowledge management software, sharing knowledge, knowledge sharing software, knowledge sharing tool. Actually the prices are as low as 0.05$/click. I truly believe this a great opportunity to boost advertising efforts for software that has knowledge management elements like Comindwork, or Centraldesktop. Well anyway I wanted to check what google thinks are the best knowledge management softwares, here is a small list from mu little research:

  • BrainEKP – is pretty much based on visual knowledge sharing and management, pretty much like mind maps, looks interesting.
  • Kneledgebase – knowledge management through articles and forums, I think this just wrong, then how this is better then a simple wiki?
  • Interspire Knowledge Manager – now this really looks more of a knowledge management software, it offer knowledge sharing, integration, workflows, RSS syndication, statistics, imports and much more, this is a piece of software that really is worthwhile to get a look at.
  • and I truly believe that with a little bit of customization any project management software that features wikis and collaboration options can be considered as a knowledge management software as well.

Do you use any knowledge management software? I personally love wikis :))

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Twitter Down For Database Maintenance

This morning i was struggling with twhirl, it didn’t want to update my twitter status, so i thought i’d check the Twitter home page, and there i see this:


do you think it is the real reason?

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Week In Project Management

Here is a small collection of links about stuff that was going on in the field of project management.



  • Fundamental of Effective Program Management: A Process Approach Based on the Global Standard is a new book by author Dr. Paul Sanghera, PMP and published by J Ross Publishing in the USA, read a more detailed entry here.
  • Chip Camden writes that the first rule of estimating time requirements for an IT consulting job is: Don’t do it, read more on his post here.
  • Project Communications as Critical Deliverables and How to Keep Your Team Engaged and Informed, read more about it here.
  • One of the more difficult aspects of project management in a global economy is the global work team.  Culture, language, geography, and time are all separators that must be planned into project management if your stakeholders are to have realistic expectations of the additional time and effort required for virtual teams, read more about virtual teams here
  • It’s possible to shrink this whole post to single phrase. “Manage people, not tasks“, read more here
  • Deliverables Based Planning, read more here

I missed something interesting? I bet i did, so let me know if you’ve read something interesting.


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@jgd3, @danleach you could check out a web based app

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